Lucky Bag Ring


lucky bag

“Dad, do you think we might go to the cinema when you are finished? There’s a great new 3D film out, I’d love to see it.”
“Sure, little man, whatever you want. Let’s just get as far away from the sound of that alarm as we can. It’s doing my head in.”
“Is it a fire, Dad?”
“No son, I think someone has stolen something from the jewellers over there.”
I couldn’t really see where dad was pointing. But I didn’t really care either. I was spending Saturday with him and that was all that mattered. It was his turn to have me. I love being with him. He buys me whatever I want. He even promised me MacDonald’s later. We don’t always come to town. We nearly always go the park and play football. Dad says I’m getting really good. I hope so because I want to get on the school team. Dad stopped to buy an apple. Dad likes to eat healthy stuff and he is really fit, he jogs every day. Mum says he’s trying to relive his youth, whatever that means. We went in to the shop that sells yucky stuff like broccoli. It was there that I saw the boy. He was hiding under the bench with the bags of spuds on it. No one seemed to notice him except me.
“What are you doing?” I asked him.
“Ssh! Mind your own business and clear off.”
He scared me a bit so I went back to stand with my dad. I thought he was really weird to be sitting in there. But maybe he was being bullied and he was trying to get away from them. That happens me sometimes at school and I try to look invisible. I felt a bit sorry for him then. Through the window I could see two policemen talking to people in the street. Two  girls were pointing in to the shop. Suddenly the boy called me over.
“Can you keep a secret?”
I nodded.
“Here, you can have this for your mum. I’d bought it for mine for Mother’s Day but you know I don’t think she will like it. Just don’t tell I gave it to you, ok.”
He shoved a sparkly ring into my hand. It looked a bit like the one my friend Lucy got in a lucky bag once. I slipped it into my pocket. I’d give it to mum tomorrow. But before I could even say thanks to the boy, the two policemen had found him. They dragged him out the door; maybe he had done something bad. Scared, I stayed close to dad as I could hear him shouting,
“You’ve nothing on me, search me if you want, you’ll find nothing.”

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