Jumping hurdles


I had my operation a couple of days ago.  On the morning of the surgery I was very apprehensive as I felt the lump was getting bigger.  I told my surgeon of my fears and we agreed that if I gave consent he would take everything away including my breast implant.  So when I woke in the recovery ward after the operation, groggy and slightly out of it as I was, my first thoughts were of what was left of my breast area.  How far did he have to draw the scalpel?

I  was building up the courage to examine my body when my surgeon came round and told me he was pleased with how surgery went.  He felt all was contained and localised and only necessitated a smaller operation.   Such a relief!  I felt I had jumped another hurdle. However, they will now test the breast tissue they took away to see if there is any scatter. More waiting!  Although, the results of this will make no difference to my treatment plan……Mr Chemo and I will be becoming reacquainted.

So more hurdles to come but I’ve just cleared another one……my bone scan is clear!

Right now I feel like the luckiest person alive.



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