Gossip…….why do we do it?  Believe me I am not taking the high moral ground as I’ve probably done it in the past!  But this week I have been the subject of the buzzing grapevine myself!   Apparently, people have more information on me than I have on myself.  It is sickening to be the one talked about and to hear half-truths repeated back to my family and friends!  Apparently, I’m not well you know! Well  I wish someone had told me!!! It’s not nice and I hope I remember that the next time I’m tempted to indulge in some idle chatter among friends.


G rapevine bearing poisonous fruit

O f hearsay, tittle tattle, little truth.

S hame on you and shame on me

S tanding in this malicious melee.

I  nflicting wounds with the words we speak

P utting the knife in only makes us weak.

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