Guardian Angel


guardian angel

G uide me through this trouble

U nderstand my heart is broken

A nd I’m not sure I can

R ecover.  Once upon a time I

D anced through life like an

I nfatuated lover.  But

A round the corner jealous melancholy lurked and

N estled on my shoulders.


A re you there?  I

N eed you now.

G ive me hope and

E nvelope me in your wings.

L ighten my burden and let my soul sing.

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2 thoughts on “Guardian Angel

  1. Brilliant!

    And a reminder of the decades long journey it was for me after throwing off the rituals of Catholicism, back to the heart of the faith I learned in spite of it.

    Well into my study of archetypes and Jung I remembered a long forgotten morning prayer from childhood:

    Angel of God, my guardian dear,
    To whom God’s love commits thee here.
    Ever this day be at my side
    To light and guard, to rule and guide, Amen

    Imagery matters. Archetypal images, those common to many cultures, frame our understanding of the human condition through every life stage.

    What more could we possible need than to be enlightened, protected, directed and guided? How better than in the embodiment of a benevolent spirit?

    It’s a the “Hero’s Journey” you’re on. You didn’t ask for the call, but you’ve risen to it – Godspeed!

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