Happy St Valentine’s Day

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As a teenager I longed for wild declarations of love or at the very least a beautiful card from a gorgeous, mysterious, secret admirer. It never happened! I did on one occasion receive a card signed off with only a question mark and I lived in hope that my dreams had come true. Unfortunately, I found out later that it came from a boy who lived beside me and worse still he was three years younger than me. That put an end to my wild, romantic imaginings!

Now St Valentine’s Day is just another day. It’s nice to get a card but I’d much rather have breakfast in bed or to have someone cook dinner and clean up without being asked. And I avoid eating out On St Valentine’s night like the plague. Packed restaurants, overcooked food and the need to hold hands over the table on this particular day of the year is my idea of hell. It is wonderful to receive flowers or chocolates but even better when I am least expecting it….not because of a certain date on the calendar.

According to my sixteen year old daughter my feelings on St Valentine’s Day are completely irrelevant and I simply do not understand! Oh yes, romance is alive and well in our house. She has now acquired a boyfriend and I received a text from him recently. He wants to buy my daughter a pup for Valentine’s Day! Ah loves young dream and my worst nightmare. I can only thank my lucky stars he had the wit to ask first. Imagine if he had turned up with a cute fluffy pup? I could just imagine the oohs and aaahs over the adorable mutt. I would have been the bad guy for saying we can’t keep it and I would have been stuck with it. We already have two cats and a dog and who feeds them? Definitely not my daughter!

So I gave the only advice I could……”Not unless it is stuffed!”

And here is the adorable present he turned up with......OK it's a bear rather than a pup but it'll never yap, bite, chew, need fed or shit on the floor!  Whats not to love!
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