Jack’s Angel

My name is Jack and I am nine years old. I am sitting at the bottom of my garden to get away from the people that are visiting my mum today. All of them are very sad. I can’t understand why they keep hugging my mother and telling her how sorry they are. She is crying all morning too and she won’t talk to me.

My mum and I live on our own. I don’t know my dad. But it doesn’t matter. Mum calls me her ‘little man’, and she kicks football like all the dads. I love her because she is so funny. But she isn’t being funny today. I wish I could make her laugh. She keeps looking out of the window as if she is trying to see something or someone. It is really weird.

That is why I am sitting in my favourite part of the garden trying to figure it all out. The grass is longer here and I can lie on my tummy and no one can see me but I can see them. I used to feel sick and tired and I had to stay in hospital. Mum stayed too, so I didn’t feel lonely. The doctor gave me medicine which made my hair fall out but I feel better now. I thought that would have made mum happy but she seems sadder today.

A light is close by. I don’t feel scared of it. It makes me feel safe and I get the feeling I am supposed to go towards it. But I can’t. Not today. Not until I know my mum is happy again.


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