No concerns at all!

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One of my friends celebrated her fiftieth birthday on Christmas Day and we wanted to do something special to mark her hitting half a century.  And what could be better than a day of lying back having all our cares massaged away courtesy of Groupon.

Little did I know when I booked it, our carefree day would come slap bang in the middle of tests and scans and relentless worry.  Initially I thought I couldn’t have arranged this at a worse time as it was the last thing I felt like doing.  But then I realised how lucky I was to have the opportunity to indulge in a day of pampered relaxation.  I didn’t tell my friends anything  as I am sick of talking and thinking about cancer. For one day I just wanted to feel normal.   Anyway, why spoil a lovely day we had been looking forward to.  No,  I was not allowing Big C to spoil this day.  I will tell them in my own time but I need to process it for myself a little longer.  I have to say I do think I missed my calling as an Oscar winning actress, as the smiling mask never slipped once.  Meryl Streep eat your heart out!

In spite of myself, I enjoyed myself and for a few hours I pretended I didn’t have this arsehole breathing down my neck.

And I had to smile when the therapist began my back massage and asked me if I had any areas of concern or worry.

“Absolutely none at all” I told her.

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