Songs to listen to when you are going through chemotherapy

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Lieven SOETE via Compfight

Check out the – they’ve posted this on their blog for their #Playlist Thursday!   Thanks Daniela Pesconi-Arthur! 🙂

(I’ve revised it slightly, as I’ve left out my all time  favourite,  Proud Mary; who better to kick ass than Tina Turner?!)

Strong Songs

When I was going through chemotherapy I had a playlist of what I called my ‘strong songs’ which helped me to feel, just that – strong!

At a time in my life when I felt weak and afraid, I needed something to help me feel empowered and stronger than the cancer I was fighting. I needed to feel less of a victim and more of a warrior taking on the bad guys.

So I would crank up the volume and listen to the powerful voices singing to me of hope, strength and survival.

I would try to find the ‘hero inside myself’ just as Heather Small from M People said I should. And it felt like Kelly Clarkson’s message of ‘what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger’, was written especially for me. As for Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’; it became my personal anthem.

All of the songs on the playlist were like ten motivational coaches willing me on and promising me brighter days were ahead!

And every time I heard Lionel Richie I felt strong enough to dance on that damn ceiling!






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