Why Not Me?

eternal optimist cartoon

No one has a monopoly on suffering.  Every day peoples lives are being cruelly snatched away or turned upside down.  People lose their lives, their families, their homes in the blink of an eye as the result of war, natural disasters, sickness, accidents or from just plain bad luck.

I must remember that when the “why me” begins to rear its ugly head.  Why not me?  Mine is just one small story in the greater scheme of things.  I am determined to be grateful for all I have and stay in the moment. There is always something to be celebrated in the worst of times….the kindness of a friend bringing lunch, a hug from one of my children, standing outside and feeling the wind in my face, seeing the first daffodils poking their yellow faces through the earth  to herald the onset of spring.   I’ve had people tell me how much I mean to them since this diagnosis and those are words I may never have heard otherwise.

We strive for the special times, the extraordinary moment.  When all along the extraordinary is to be found in the ordinariness of life. Those are the special moments we will look back on and say how happy we were then.  The trick is to recognize those moments now.  And we may find out later those worst of times we would not change as they have taught us valuable lessons and changed us in ways we could never have envisioned.

Yes that’s my theory and I am sticking to it.   I have a choice how I react to this latest tailspin and I am choosing to let my eternal optimist ride this one out!


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