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I have two part-time jobs.  One I love and one not so much.   Ok, that is an understatement; I hate it!   Yesterday  morning I got up and looked at the Holstee Manifesto poster which hangs in my kitchen.  For the first time in a long time I read the wisdom encased in the cheap wooden frame.

One of the lines jumped out at me, “If you hate your job – QUIT.”

So I did.

It wasn’t the sensible thing to do but it felt right.  I am the eternal optimist and I believe another door will open soon.   And on the back of that I booked my flights to Kilimanjaro. Hmmm…..maybe the red mist has descended and I’ve gone completely mad.  Have you heard that saying “………and not a pot to piss in.”

But as the successful American businessman, Peter Drucker once said, “there is the risk you cannot afford to take, and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take.”

So many of us are stuck in jobs or careers we hate.  Afraid to change, afraid that there will be nothing else out there.  We wait for the right time to make a move or to find something new.  But there is no right time.  There is only now.  We think we are risking everything if we change, but we are risking more by clinging to the safe and comfortable way of doing things.

I will miss the money but I am lucky not to be depending solely on it.  I will sacrifice something else to make up the deficit but not my peace of mind!

Anyway as the advertisement tells us…..”for everything else there is Mastercard”.

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